Join The 2024 Inspirational Journals Series!

Hi there, I'm Benecia Ponder, founder of Inspirational Authors. I have been helping thought leaders and mission focused creators publish books they're proud of since 2017.

One of the ways I've helped more people make their publishing dreams come true has been by spearheading collaborative book projects.

This new project is taking collaboration to a more personal level - rather than inviting you to contribute a chapter to a book that you'll share with others - I'm going to help you author your very own journal for publication as part of a shared series.

I'm accepting applications for twelve inspirational journals that will be published and promoted, one each month throughout the year.

Do You Love The Idea Of Your Own Inspirational Journal?

Journals are in high demand for all niches and age groups. The publishing industry has been quite taken by surprise - seeing how the world has fallen in love with little books that help people get in touch with their thoughts, practice mindfullness, and create forward progress.

I want you to imagine having your own Inspirational Journal. Literally any topic can be leveraged and transformed into a beautiful journal format - and I'm here to help you walk through the process with ease.

Why Be Part Of This Series?

Your Journal will be published under the Inspirational Authors imprint, you'll be professionally supported through every step of writing, publishing, and promoting your journal.

This collaboration is unique in that this project beautifully showcases you individually, and gives you the support of all of the other Journal Authors too!

You ultimately control your own Journal. Your name is on the cover alone and we set the book up in your own Amazon KDP account so you're earning all of the royalties now and forever.

What Do You Need To Write?

This series of journals calls for far fewer written words than any you'd usually need for a book of your own. Our Journal Authors will write an opening section introducing the topic of their journal, aiming for an average of 2000 words.

Then, you'll write 21 individual journal prompts. These can be single sentences or very small paragraphs - entirely up to you.

Finally, a closing section of your preference to wrap up the experience of journaling with you. And of course, an About The Author page is going to be included.

What Topics Are Welcome?

The Inspirational Authors Journal Series is open to all topics that uplift and motivate good in the world. Some topics we'd love to have covered include:

Building Confidence * Finding Joy * True Success * Self Love * Achieving Goals * Mindset * Abundance * Finding Purpose * Grief & Loss * Overcoming Obstacles * Getting Past Procrastination

We will accept one Author per Topic, the sooner you claim your topic the better! Choose one of the above or suggest one that's perfect for you and your people.

Topic and Month Selection are first come, first served. These months and topics are already taken.

What Is My Investment?

The investment to be part of this special collaboration project is $1250. (Payment options are available. )

To claim a topic you wish to be known for, you'll submit the application found below.

If accepted you'll choose the available month you wish to be published in. You'll sign a commitment letter agreeing to meet all publication deadlines and make a deposit of $250. A timeline for completing your payments at least 30 days prior to publication will be arranged.

What's Included For Me?

  • Journal Topic Consultation with Benecia: You’ll have up to 30 minutes of private consultation time with me to support you in getting clear about what you want to write.
  • Professional Editing: Your submission will be edited by a professional copy editor. If you need additional support to write your journal sections, we're here for you!
  • Award-Winning Journal Design: The journal will have the words 'Inspirational Authors Journal Series' as a sub-title. You will choose your own main title and will have creative input into designing a professional cover. The interior design will follow the series template, making your content incredible!
  • Author Spotlight & Promotion: We will have a series website with your author information, photo, bio, and live links.

We will have a Social Launch Plan with Journal Launch Graphics that make you look amazing. (The following are real examples from our 2023 promotions.)

  • Book Release Celebration & Continued Exposure: We will execute an Amazon Journal Launch Event with an eye for Bestseller Status. (Our last book collaboration was #1 in 14 categories, at release and again 5 months later!)
  • Expanded Exposure & Visibility For Your Message: Inspirational Authors Journal Series authors are invited to participate in a special author spotlight series!

AppIy Here

What's the Project Timeline?

  • Author Application Deadline: March 20, 2024

  • Journal Topic Consultation: scheduled immediately upon commitment

  • Journal Content Submission Deadline: 6 weeks prior to your publication date

  • Promo Pack: delivered to Author 2 weeks before publication date

  • Author Spotlight Interview & Book Release Party : 3rd Tuesday of each month

  • Author Connection Calls: 3rd Monday of each month

I have more questions, can we talk?

Sure! Click here to schedule a free call with me and I'll answer your questions.